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Legendär wellness aroma massage
A balancing full-body massage with essential oils; includes the use of singing bowels (to loosen deep-lying muscles) and hot stones on your back at the end of the massage.

Healthy back massage
Pure relaxation for your back and harmonizing of chakra energy fields; consists of 4 units: massage, singing bowl, Reiki energy work and hot stones.

€65.--/50 min.

€65.--/50 min.

Neue Kraft durch Rückenfit-Massage | Apart Hotel Legendär Ossiacher See
Entspannende Gesichtsmassagen - Apart Hotel Legendär

Winter magic – full-body massage
Plus activing foot massage with rosemary and juniper oil, finishing with a facial massage

Summer nights dream massage
Harmonious full-body massage with essential oils, including face, head and foot massage.
If requested, Shirodhara treatment (warm oil is dripped on the forehead).

€70.--/50 min.
€105,--/80 min.

€65.--/50 min.

Surcharge €8.--

Feel-good massage "Mindfulness"
Gentle and slow full-body massage to let go and relax; with cocoa butter

Delila energy flow bodywork "Be One"
+ testing of your chakras and use of symbol cards to help energy flow

Energy healing: full-bodywork based on special Delila flower essences and life symbol cards. The essences help with stress, anxiety, lack of energy and states of exhaustion.

€70.--/50 min.

€70.--/50 min.
€105,--/80 min.

Wohlfühl-Massage zum Fallenlassen - Apart Hotel Legendär
Energetische Kombimassage - Ganzkörper im Apart Hotel Legendär

Energy healing: full body combination massage
Brings body and chakras back into balance; with the use of singing bowls, hot stones and balancing Reiki energy work.

Herbal stamp massage
Full-body massage with hot, aromatic herbal stamps.

€110,--/80 min.

€70.--/50 min.

Foot reflex zone massage
There are zones and reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all body organs. Applying reflexology has a beneficial effect on the organism, blood circulation and any weaknesses in your body.

Lomi Lomi Nui (temple-style) Hawaiian massage
Total relaxation with warm, fragrant coconut oil by applying long, flowing, rhythmic stroking of the forearms. Also: mobilisation and stretching methods to improve your well-being.

€70.--/50 min.
€39.--/25 min.

€79.--/50 min.
€120,--/80 min.

Hawaiianische Tempelmassage Lomi Lomi Nui am Ossiacher See
Ayuveda-Ganzkörpermassage im Apart Hotel Legendär | Kärnten

Ayurveda full-body massage
Special Indian massage in which plenty of warm sesame oil is applied from head to toe with smoothly alternating movements. It finishes with a facial massage and a Shirodhara treatment (hot oil is dripped on the forehead).

€75.--/50 min.
€110,--/80 min.

Tibetan singing bowl massage
The healing vibrations of various singing bowls help to bring the body back into balance. This treatment is particularly recommended if you are under a lot of stress and tension, are ruled by your head and suffer from tense muscles and blockages. The singing bowls are placed on the dressed body and tapped to cause vibration and achieve deep relaxation.

€65.--/50 min.

Healing a blocked back with chakra oils
Special essential oils and energy work are applied with Reiki to help unleash the chakra energies. Singing bowls, holistic pulsing and a relaxing back massage boost the effect.

€70.--/50 min.

Tibetanische Klangschalenmassage am Ossiacher See - Österreich
Reiki nach Usui-Energiearbeit zum Auftanke neuer Energie - Apart Hotel Legendär am Ossiacher See

Usui Reiki energy work
The power of touch clears and dissolves blockages and provides a source of restoring energy. Your self-healing power is activated and pain blockages are released. The treatment creates a feeling of inner calm and energy.

Honey massage to support detoxification
A special massage technique, in which forest honey is applied on your back, stimulates blood circulation and detoxification. The treatment finishes with a short foot reflex zone massage to stimulate the metabolism. 

€65.--/50 min.

€75.--/50 min.

Hot chocolate massage
This full-body massage is a treat for your skin and all of your senses. The aromatic warm chocolate oil with almond oil and shea butter will make your skin soft and smooth.

Ear candling treatment
Ear candling is an ancient traditional Native American household remedy. This treatment helps with all blockages in the area of the head, such as tinnitus, frontal and paranasal sinuses as well as inflammatory processes. Also removes build-up of excess ear wax.
Treatment with 2 ear candles.

€70.--/50 min.

€40.--/approx. 25 min.

Mit gezielte Enspannungsmaßnahmen abschalten - Ossiacher See in Kärnten
Mit EnergieArbeit und Klangschalen neue Energie schöpfen - Apart Hotel Legendär am Ossiacher See

With energy work and singing bowls

Body candling treatment with one candle
Body candling treatment with two candles

Perfect remedy for pain blockages. Physical and energetic relaxation in these particular areas. Treatment with 2 body candles.
Every further candle € 4.50.
Chakra work with coloured candles is also possible, as well as aura cleansing which improves wellbeing. 

€75.--/50 min.

€40.--/25 min.
€75.--/50 min.

Partial-body massage: back
Back or legs using hot stones

Partial-body massage: legs
Perfect for excessive strain after hiking or skiing. With marmot oil and hot stones.

€35.--/25 min.

€35.--/25 min.

Körperkerzenbehandlung mit Kerzen - Apart Hotel Legendär am Ossiacher See | Österreich
Teilkörpermassage Rücken im Wellness & SeeSpa des Apart Hotel Legendär

Shoulder, throat and neck, head massage incl. Shirodhara treatment (dripping warm oil on forehead)
Effective massage of problem zones. Recommended if you have extremely tense muscles and tension headache. Hot stones and stretching techniques for the shoulder joints support the treatment.

Face, throat and décolleté massage
After gentle cleansing, you are treated to a pleasant massage with nourishing anti-age oil.

€44.--/25 min.

€35.--/25 min.

Herbal stamp massage for face, throat, décolleté and neck
Relaxing massage with warm coconut-almond oil

Meridian massage for face and head
Meridians are energy channels inside your body which the treatment unblocks. Helps with headaches, fatigue, common colds, vertigo, dizziness and ear conditions.

€45.--/25 min.

€39.--/25 min.

Reaktivieren von Energieflüssen durch gezielte Massagetechniken