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Natürliche Kosmetik aus der Manufaktur

Natural cosmetics from the manufacturer

As a guest of Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and the wonderful Greta Garbo, you have a chance to enjoy a feeling of sheer wellbeing as a truly exclusive alternative to commonly available cosmetics. An entirely new cosmetics and energy healing programme.

In line with our hotel's mission statement, we have also created a new experience for the guests of our beauty salon. The Legendär Beauty Concept relies on natural products from a small but classy cosmetics manufacturer. The products in this innovative line of cosmetics contain only the innermost cores of high-quality natural materials, satisfying people's desire for a pure but modern-style natural product.

Beautyanwendungen mit Naturprodukten

Naturalness you can feel

These cosmetics were made for people who exclusively rely on natural products, but still don't want to miss the feeling of luxury during their treatment. This newly developed line of skin care products does entirely without chemical preservatives, mineral oils or emulsifiers. Instead, it contains membranes of skin-related substances, ensuring good moisture balance and supporting the natural protective barrier's regeneration, even if you have sensitive skin.

Kostenloses Hautanalyseprogramm für Sie

Modern skin analysis programme as free-of-charge service

Many people continually use the wrong products. Based on an objective skin analysis and professional advice you will learn what your skin really needs. This is essential knowledge for selecting your care products. To measure the dryness and the degree of skin irritation, our specialists work with special indicators and digital image analysis. This enables a precise diagnosis of the condition of your skin in less than 30 minutes.

Our professional consultation includes advice on massage and cosmetics, figure and cellulite consultation, diet suggestions and product recommendations.

Opening hours for beauty treatments

We are also happy to offer special massage treatments in your apartment. We offer the initial analysis and the resulting recommendations free of charge during your stay as a special service of our hotel. To make appointments with our beauty salon for treatments, please contact our reception desk.